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The Things You Need To Know About Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture
Image 1. Teak Furniture
teak wood has been a preferred solid wood material since many long years, and it is always a popular choice for outdoor furniture by furniture makers and buyers across the world. It is not just about how nice to have a set of outdoor furniture in your backyard, but also how people enjoy the advantages of teak wood as their outdoor furniture material. Of the many types of materials that are available for the construction of outdoor furniture, teak is often overlooked. This beautiful wood – of tropical origin – adds character and elegance to your outdoor design through a blending of nature. In this article we take a look at benefits of using teak wood:

Wood Veneer

Decorus SVLK
Image 1. Veneer
Wood Veneer is sheets of wood produced through the process of stripping wood that has a thickness between 0.24 to 0.6 mm. This layer can be made from real wood , laminated wood or resin product that has been specially designed so that seemed like marble , wood fiber or other natural elements. Typically, veneer is bonded, or glued with adhesive, to a cheaper surface that is hidden below. Veneer is also a type of manufactured board.

What is SVLK

Decorus SVLK
Image 1. SVLK
Timber Legality Verification System or "SVLK" function to ensure wood products and their raw materials obtained or derived from sources whose origin and management meet the legal aspects. Wood called when the legal origin of timber, logging licenses, systems and procedures for harvesting, transporting, processing, and trading can be proven meet all applicable legal requirements. "SVLK" prepared jointly by a number of parties (stakeholders). "SVLK" contains standards, criteria, indicators, verifiers, verification methods, and assessment norms agreed stakeholders.

Kinds of Solid Wood for Furniture

Basically , all types of wood can be used as a raw material for making furniture , as long as the wood has a good hardness level . Why? Therefore, the timber has a good hardness level can be easily processed such as cut , carved , sanded etc . So , basically any type of wood as long as it has a a good hardness level can be used to make furniture or other furnishings made from wood . there are some types of wood that has been chosen or ussually used for furniture products , which considering the quality of the wood.